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"What is plagiarism and how to avoid it" created by the Brock Library and is licensed under a Creative Commons resuse license.


Turnitin reviews a student's work for originality by comparing the text to several databases including the Internet and its own database of documents. These comparisons look not only for exact word-for-word matches but also for students' attempts to mask plagiarism by making superficial changes or mixing several sources without attribution. Turnitin produces an "Originality Report" for each submission that is based on checks against multiple databases. Faculty can use Turnitin as a means for raising the profile of the plagiarism issue with students, acting as a deterrent to student plagiarism, and streamlining the process of evaluating a document for possible plagiarism. 

At Bellin, Turnitin is integrated with Canvas, making it easy to create and distribute assignments in a familiar way for students. Turnitin is not currently mandatory at the College and its use is determined by faculty or lead facilitator.

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Student Training Tutorials from Turnitin Academy
Instructor Training Tutorials from Turnitin Academy

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